In honor of Suzy McGrance, we empower thousands to channel their strength into healing and recovery, freeing them from the weight of financial burdens associated with their fight against breast cancer.

Our goal is to allow patients to focus solely on recovery and not the financial stress brought on during this very difficult battle.

Save Our Suzy became what is now known as Share Our Suzy, SOS. The foundation picks up where Suzy left off and aids those with bridging the financial gap from diagnosis to remission. Funds raised are used to provide assistance to those with every day needs such as wigs, prosthetics, childcare, gas cards, utility bill assistance, medication assistance and more. We help cover the critical areas that insurance companies do not.

The people we serve are more than just patients: they are mothers, grandmothers, sisters and daughters. They have children, spouses and responsibilities. Fighting cancer is about more than having chemo and radiation treatments. It affects all aspects of life. It is amazing what a wig can do for a patient’s self esteem. A prosthetic bra can make all the difference to a recovering breast cancer patient. Having family there to hold a hand during treatment makes the battle bearable. Knowing that the electricity bill will be paid is a big relief. SOS, a 501(c)(3) provides these types of assistance to people who would otherwise have to do without.

Not in the Lowcountry of SC? Visit SOS Midlands to donate, get more information or apply for assistance.

Our Suzy

A sought-after photographer in South Carolina, Suzy McGrane, was diagnosed with breast cancer in her early 20s. A beloved daughter and friend to many, Suzy took her zest for life and channeled it into battling cancer with all her might. Her loved ones rallied around her, and from Arizona to South Carolina, many came together to support Suzy during an unbelievably difficult time. Save Our Suzy was born during a wine-tasting event in Five Points, a popular destination in Columbia that had Suzy's footsteps all over it.

Despite her battle, Suzy always had a smile on her face and lit up every room. With her resiliency inspiring those around her, the grassroots initiative Save Our Suzy found a way to help alleviate the financial burden of her treatment. This act of love would lay the foundation for decades of generous giving that would change the lives of many, all because of Suzy.

After completing her treatment in Arizona with her family by her side, Suzy returned to Columbia, a new person with a new goal. She began working at a local cancer center and channeled what had been done for her into acts of kindness for others. With her spitfire demeanor and ability to command a room, Suzy raised funds to help breast cancer patients battling their diagnosis. SOS events continued throughout the year, and thousands of dollars were raised. Suzy was on a mission to help as many people as she could.

Sadly, in the fall of 2004, cancer returned, and SOS focused again on saving Suzy. Events were held in Columbia and Charleston (Suzy’s second home) to help her fight the second round. The outpouring of support was beautiful, but the grip of cancer was too strong and claimed Suzy's life less than one year later.

While the void of Suzy will never be filled, her legacy and spirit live on through SOS. Save Our Suzy is now Share Our Suzy, focusing on honoring her strength, resiliency, and desire to help others in need. Suzy put others before herself, and SOS is committed to keeping her spirit alive through every donation and every act of kindness to those we serve.


SOS is an entirely volunteer-driven organization. 
We have no staff and virtually no overhead. 

Therefore, the money goes directly to fund patient needs. 

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